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I've been busy working with the Maneki Neko design (as some of you may already know), plus I've added White Cat Wears Squid Hat to my S6 page....because Blue Cat Wears Pineapple Hat needed a friend.

So, here is a promotion link--save yourself a couple bucks, if you're interested!

>>… <<

Free Worldwide Shipping on Everything + 20% Off Everything when you order from my Society6 store.  Note that the promotion is NOT automatically available on my store; only available once you click the link or use the URL.

Promotion expires April 9, 2017, Midnight Pacific Time.

Whichever you prefer. 

Also--my patreon is still a thing.  :V  

My Patreon

I'll be working on one more Hanami Maneki Neko, as well as some Yuzen Chiyogami-inspired all-over print designs/patterns to add to my Society6 and Redbubble stores.  Patrons have access to the large-sized PNGs of Maneki Neko, and will have Yuzen Chiyogami "tiles" to use as desktop wallpapers.

I'd also like to do one big digital painting for Hanami/Sakura season...but I don't want to get too ahead of myself.  It's been a rough two weeks for me, what with my horrible dayjob and all.  Can you believe I've been there for 12 consecutive years?  And I don't even LIKE the work I do there!  What a drain!

In any event, I hope you all are doing well.  Thank you, and I'll see you next time!

Patreon is up.  Just FYI.

I've been thinking about this A LOT over the past few months.  I really need to try to change the circumstances in my life; I'm not happy, or fulfilled, or satisfied with my life, unless I am 1.) playing with my plants or 2.) creating art.  Any type of art.  ...Not fan art though, not so much anymore.

There is someone I have yet to have a phone conversation with about a potential change in my future...but honestly, it's something that I won't believe until I actually see it, and live it.  I'm so jaded, and skeptical, now that I'm older.  Kind of sad.

Patreon isn't going to happen in a week, let's just put that out there.  It may not happen at all (depending on the outcome from that phonecall).  But it's definitely not going to happen until I get a good grasp on catching up on all the work I need to do--it would be unfair to start another project up at this point.

So, just a heads-up, I guess?  ...I mean, at the end of the day, I haven't much else to lose by doing it, right?

Anyway, I hope that everyone's new year is out to a relatively good start, at least!

This journal is going to be one of those angst-y teenager posts.  But, there are some good parts to it.

2015 has been a very long year.  There were a number of ups, but a lot of personal downs.

I still work at Starbucks.  I cut back my time at the greenhouse because I was becoming exhausted, very quickly.  I once managed to work 40 consecutive days between two jobs.  I really, really, really hate working at Starbucks, and everyone knows it.  This is not what I want; I wanted this to be a temporary thing.  Not something that would drag on for eleven years.

Eleven years.  Of misery.  You guys know what that’s like, right?  Just to have a paycheck that maintains the utilities in a single-family home, and health benefits.  There is nothing fulfilling about my job at Starbucks beyond that.  I hate it.  Corporate is now looking into making the store I work at into an “evening store”—one that sells beer and wine, and hors d’oeuvre type foods.  

Excuse me?  I started working here with the understanding that I would be selling coffee and pastries…not booze.  If you want booze, go to the local restaurants that are in the shopping center I work at.  Get out of my face.

--But this is the way the company wants to grow.  Next thing you know, they’ll buy out some convenience store chain—I mean, “partner” with them.  All stores will be open 24 hours a day.  We’ll sell cigarettes, windshield-washer fluid, and lottery tickets—so you can keep buying into the Starbucks name!

I am done with it.  I do not want this.  But…  they keep me alive.  Why did I let it get this bad?

Now, as for the garden center.  I cut back my hours there, in September.  The garden center lays off nearly HALF the workers there from January-March.  They do come back, though.  The management at the garden center is not something I particularly agree with.  I love the people I work with.  They are like-minded and goal-oriented. They love plants, and I work with a few of very artistically talented individuals.  The pay is peanuts; but the quality of the time I spend there is priceless.  I learn so much when I am there; the to-do list is ever-changing.  It is not a boring monotonous job, like Starbucks, where I do the same.  Exact.  Thing.  Every.  Single.  Day.

But, I cannot hope to be able to transition from Starbucks, to Merrifield, without finances suffering as a result.  Nonetheless, I will keep working there on Sundays, until they cut me out of payroll necessity—or I leave.  Simple as that.  I will respect it, and accept it.

Because of the work schedule, as some of you know, it has been very difficult to produce art.  Art is my first love. But I am tired of not having enough of quality time to spend with my art, to hone my skills, and actually separate myself from my dreadful day job.  It got to a point that for at LEAST a month or so, I would come home from work, and just sleep.  And sleep.  And sleep.  It was the only way I could run away from the reality that things weren’t changing.  Nothing was getting better.  I had gotten tired of trying, and…nothing.

My failure is my own.  I own this failure.  But this is going to change.

I miss interacting with other artists.  I miss keeping tabs on their art and their success.  I miss commenting on their work, and sharing it with others.  I want to be there to support others.  But time is so limited.

I love to create art for others.  I love to share MY personal works.  I love spending time with other artists, even if it is just with internet connections—as it has been for many, many years.  I imagine what it would be like:  To wake up daily, go through the inbox of all the stuff that people have been churning out…leave my two cents, and then start my work.  I want to share what I have learned through my personal experiences and practice with art.  And you know what?  

I could do that every day.

I imagine what it would be like: To do art every day.  To do something, art related, every single day.  To be a productive person, compensated for their passion, and as a result, can continue to provide for the necessities of their family—and still say that it was a good, fulfilling day, every day.  

I imagine what it would be like: Going to the botanical gardens that are a thirty minute drive from me—ones that my coworkers at the garden center keep reminding me to go to, but….I never, ever have been there.  To observe, and learn; do some sketches of these gorgeous living organisms.  Incorporate them into my art...

I imagine what it would be like:  Making a day out of a visit to the aquarium.  Still learning, still sketching.  So much beautiful life to observe, and to be able to share my observations with others.

But none of this can happen, as it is, right now.  Why?

Because of time.  Day jobs really will take away your precious time to actually enjoy life.  I have come to the realization that I am, indeed, missing out on life.  And I am very, very angry, frustrated, and disappointed with this.

Do you see where I am going with this?  You all must be able to relate to this, you simply must.  Can you imagine a good day?  When was the last time you HAD a good day?

I need to make the change.  But, I need the support to do it…it’s necessary for this change to take place.  I have to EARN this support.  I have to EARN people's trust.  I have to make an impression.  I will announce my plans at a later date, when I am caught up with all of this artwork that so many, SO MANY people have been patiently waiting for.  They are my priority right now, and I must make my changes with a clean slate.  No IOUs, nothing put on the back burner.  That simply will not do.

What I want to say at this point, is something that I don't say often enough to all of those that have stuck with me even through these most quiet of times:  Thank you.  Thank you for giving me the hope that I can enjoy life someday.  I couldn’t do any of this without you. 

I will update this journal again within a month, maybe sooner, who knows?  As of right now, I want to leave it off on a nice positive note:  

I wish you all the best progress and success in 2016.  I hope that you live your dreams, because you DO deserve it--and I want to be there to see it happen.

Now here comes what you've all been waiting for.


No.  Not at all.

In mid-September, I got another job, working at Merrifield Garden Center.  I work in their greenhouse, at the Fairfax location.  What this means is:  I work 7 days a week.  The last time I had time off was October 10-12, when I went to Manhattan to see X Japan.

I have hardly touched art since then.

Here is the unfortunate news:  Unless you have already paid me in deviant points, or in cash, I am no longer open to commissions.  That includes individuals involved in the queue, who have not paid me.  There is no more pending queue.

I have thought a long time about it, taking into consideration what a close friend told me about supply and demand.  I also realized that I have not done art for myself in a very, very long time.  "Eye fresheners" and "sketches" in between commission pieces, yes.  But nothing polished-up and finished, and certainly, nothing I can truly call my own.

With that being said, once I catch up on all of this work that I have to do...I will be doing some of my own stuff, again.  Some of it digital, and some original traditional pieces for sale.

I know that this will be really disappointing for some of you. But I have to work on taking care of my parents, and my older sister, as well as being able to take care of some degree.  And let me put it bluntly:  my art doesn't pay the bills.  Starbucks, and Merrifield, pay my bills.

I absolutely LOVE what I do at Merrifield.  Starbucks, no.  But Starbucks, unfortunately, as is it, is the "highest bidder".  I work at Merrifield because I positively enjoy it.  Yes; I am a crazy plant lady.

Here is a terrible photo of myself to emphasize the point (and this isn't even ALL of the plants that I own, just the ones that I keep in my room):
Queenbee by Sobii

I expect a lot of you to unwatch me, or disregard this, and that is completely fair.  I have been quiet for a long, long time, unable to support my friends and colleagues who are excelling in their art, and craft, with flying colors.  I have my eyes on you guys, watching you grow, and I am very proud to see that you are succeeding at what you do.  I wish you all the best.

On a side note:  If anyone is interested in any of the art that I have made available for prints and such, feel free to check out my society6 shop @

Also, I do have a storenvy shop.  Right now, I have my one-of-a-kind handmade gemstone cluster stretch bracelets for sale there.  If you're into metaphysical type gemstone jewelry, great!  If you're just into jewelry or cool looking rocks, then likewise, great!  Wear them as you see fit; it's all in good fun.  When I get the time, I will be putting my original traditional pieces for sale there, as well.  So keep an eye out @

I can't even being to tell everyone how thankful I am for their support over the past few years.  You're all really amazing, and I'm very thankful I got to know you all.  Until I come back with more art:  Take care, and keep up the good work!

A lot of things are going on.  I am still very busy trying to catch up on art work, but it is proving to be difficult due to 1.) not-so-good personal health and 2.) my day job--which is becoming a giant mess because my manager is on sick leave until....well, who knows when.

I have seen a small influx in popularity with some of fan pieces, so I would like to give everyone the opportunity to receive free shipping up through the weekend on prints and such through my society6 shop (Spoopy Surprise).  There is no code or special link needed--but I will link you up to specific pieces for purchase!

Sorry to spam you all with some shameless plugging.  I just wanted to share with you.  Have fun perusing!

Thanks to everyone for their support and patience.  :heart:
My priorities had switched greatly over the past few months.  A distant family member--but a family member, nonetheless--was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and I wanted to do my part to help.

The little patient's name is Shane Metzgar, and he is not even a year old. He is undergoing treatments at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

To read his story, please visit this page:…

Between my sister and I, we managed to raise $135.00 for his treatment.  I briefly opened commissions for cute animals, and my sister was selling her handmade clay bunnies.

So--I greatly apologize for the delay of completion of deviant POINTS commissions.  I had always wanted to do really nice things with my art; things that were outside of me and my own needs.  This seemed to be a very personal opportunity to use my art for that purpose, even though it couldn't have come at a seemingly worse time. Then again, it always seems to happen that way, doesn't it?

I will be uploading sample commissions, as well as commissions that have been completed thus far for this fundraising event.  

I had also completed a few other designs for Alzheimer's and Dementia Awareness, way, way in advance.  This is a cause that, even though I do not live with anyone that suffers from Alzheimer's, it is a very frightening thing to me.  I'm very passionate about eliminating Alzheimer's from the lives of people who are suffering from it--patients and family members alike.  There is nothing more frightening to me than losing one's mind, one's sense of self, and one's memories.

June is Alzheimer's Awareness Month (in the United States, at least), so I'm glad that I was able to finish what I had.

Again, I apologize.  Soon enough, things will return to business as usual.  I do hope, however, that the cute little animals that I will be showing you all will make you smile.

Thank you for your patience and your understanding.
I tried to construct a poll, but I figured...  It would be better to ask it here.

When you commission an artist, what are the most important things to you when it comes to the finished piece?

Does quality and getting "exactly what you paid for" trump the time it takes to get a finished piece--YOUR commission--into your possession?  Do you equally consider the time it takes for the piece to be completed?

It is something that has been bothering me.  I think the common consensus is that people want really, really nice and beautiful perfect art....but how much are they willing to pay?  And how long are they willing to wait to get that perfect piece of art in their hands?

You see, over the next few months, I'll be going through a few personal changes...  And I really need to know what my options are.  I want to be fair to clients and fellow artists, but I need to be fair to myself.  I don't want to be a complete jerk about it; nor do I want to be a disappointment.

Please take a moment to tell me your thoughts on commissions--how you handle them as an artist, and how you handle them as a client.  I would actually like to hear from those that "do art for a living", because...that is something I am very much trying to work toward, but...  Well....

That's a story for another time.

It would mean the WORLD to me to hear your feedback.  Write me a novel.  Tell me as much as you possibly can. As I said--no right or wrong answers to this question!

Thank you very much!

I haven't been updating as much lately, as the workload is a little more intense that I anticipated.  More art to come soon, and I will be going through my inbox of deviations to comment on.  I haven't forgotten about you guys.  <3

I will be dropping a pretty big painting either sometime today, or tomorrow.  Keep a look out!  

I will also be announcing a support-a-cause initiative that I have been wanting to do FOR YEARS.  This will go live in June, but I am giving y'all a heads up...because I'm relying on you to spread the word when the time comes.

Back to work I go!  Thank you all for your support!  Stay tuned!